Behringer UMC202 USB Preamp

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UMC202-preI was searching for a USB preamp with more gain than the M-Audio Mobile-Pre I bought a few years ago. Some mics don’t have sufficient Sensitivity to provide ample gain.

Take the Rode NTG-2, for instance. I would have to amp up the gain on the Mobile-Pre all the way. This raised the noise floor, and sounded less then ideal. However, the NT1-A would sound ok. Mostly, because that was for close-talking setups. Otherwise, the gain was almost at max setting.

Enter the Behringer UMC202 USB Preamp.

I liked its looks, features, and already use Behringer mixers. Except for one thing. I wasn’t able to locate any information on the amount of input Gain it would provide.

Was I going to face the same situation as I did with the Mobile-Pre?

That’s when I decided to write and ask. Novel thought, don’t you think? 🙂

Here’s what they wrote back:

Dear Joe Pena,

Thank you for your email! The gain attenuation is not listed although after some consultation I have found gain pot to offer 60dB of gain. This is a variable ratio for all UMC interfaces. I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions!

Kind regards,

Administrator, Care Prosumer Division
MUSIC Group Services NV Inc.
Tel:+1 702 800 8290 ext 5728
Web: | | | | |

They got back to me the next day with the answer to my question… AND it looks like the UMC202 is a serious contender for my next pre.

Do you use one? Let me know what you think.